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My Nearly Zero Waste Journey

OK I am old enough to have seen the entire cycle.  Once upon a time everything was in glass and cardboard.  I remember getting glass bottles of milk delivered as well as big cardboard boxes of milk with a spigot (like the  boxes of wine you can get now) when I was little. All soda was in bottles.  Then times changed. Maybe it was all due to NASA and flying to the moon. I don't know. But soon everything was stored in, or  covered with plastic.  It was cheaper and lighter making it a wonderful alternative for both manufacturers and customers. I bought into it.  Who didn't? Now we are where we are at today. Plastic, plastic everywhere and no decomposition in sight. 

Well I am a realist. I know plastic is never going away completely.  It fills too many niches that nothing else does. But I do believe it is time to take a 2nd look at all the plastic we buy and try and make small changes in our lives for the sake of our planet. My first effort was my bathroom. It has been converted from a wall of plastic bottles to just this one shower caddy.  It contains nothing but all my hand made products, (except for the razor) with a minimal of plastic (my caps and sprayers are plastic).  I continue to expand my efforts everyday both at home, at work and with my shop. 

It would be crazy to think you can change all of this overnight but I do believe slow and steady will win the race. One day at a time. One person at a time. Want to join me??

Dr Soaper

 my bathroom shower



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