About Us

How did Simply Soap by Dr. Soaper come about? Back in 2007, Dr. Anita Montes, who is an OB GYN in North Carolina, had her own practice in a small building with 2 offices.  She worked out of one office, but instead of renting out the other office, she decided to open a consignment shop for local artists. One of those artists was a soap-maker. Of course an avid shopper, Dr. Montes needed to try the soap. It was her first time using handmade soap and it changed her life forever.  She has used absolutely no store bought soap since.  Unfortunately a few years later, she closed the shop and therefore cut off her own access to the soap!

Being a scientist at heart Dr. Montes set her mind to learning how to make soap on her own.  It took a while but eventually, Dr. Soaper was born. She has been making soap ever since and mostly selling it at local festivals or to friends and neighbors. In the midst of the pandemic however,  she decided to step up her game and start selling on Etsy.  She is now certified by the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild as an advanced soap maker. She continues to expand her reach with current participation in both the ETSY and GoImagine handcraft marketplaces as well as her www.drsoaper.com website.

Still making each creation on her own and in small batches, she is dedicated to all natural products as well as making every effort to maintain a nearly zero waste approach to all packaging. She is constantly expanding her line of products and has no plans to stop anytime soon.  Soaping is indeed her passion.  

photo booth shoot

Dr. Soaper taking product pictures in her mini photo booth