Natural and reliable products for hair and skin all handmade by an eco-conscious physician. . . Dr. Soaper

A Nearly Zero Waste Store

Micellar Water Removing Mascara

What is Simply Soap all about?

I am on a never ending quest for a "nearly zero waste" life. I have this in mind with every new product I make. Only very MINIMAL plastic is used (caps and pumps).

  • Dr. Soaper

    Dr. Anita Montes (aka Dr. Soaper) has been an obstetrician gynecologist in North Carolina for over 40 years (delivering somewhere in the vicinity of 5000 babies).

  • Why Soaping?

    She fell in love with soaping more than 10 years ago after discovering that NOTHING feels better on your skin than handmade soap. It has become a passion!

  • Qualifications

    Dr. Soaper is certified as a Advanced Soap Maker by the the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild. Now semi retired from medicine, she hopes to spend even more time in her "soaping room".

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