You Can Never Have TOO Many Soap Molds

You Can Never Have TOO Many Soap Molds

So when you first get interested in soaping you have a half a dozen types of carrier oils, a few of your favorite scents, some lye and a mold.  (oops I forgot to mention the needed protective gear....gloves, goggles and an apron 😀.)  Your mold could be a milk carton or a plastic container.  If you're really lucky you have a husband like mine who can make you wooden molds.  You happily plod along perfecting your soap making skills. 

Then all at once it happens.  You have the soaping bug.  You can't stop.  You need to make more and more soap.  You want soap in all different shapes and sizes.  You want soap in different colors and patterns and you learn to blend your scents to make a million combinations.  Before you know it you have an entire room full of molds, supplies, ingredients etc.  You can't possibly shower enough to use it all up, even after getting your entire family to use it. So you give it away. Then you sell it locally. Then you start a website.  

Now with the visibility of a website you decide you need to give customers more than just soap to buy.  Your mind spins with ideas. Every night you go to sleep thinking of something else you might make.  You decide to expand into hair and skin products. Mostly because they are products that you use everyday.  Now you not only are a formulator, you are a marketing specialist and a photographer extraordinaire. On top of it all, you have decided to save the world with the production and promotion of nearly zero waste products. It’s a lot, but it doesn't matter. You love every bit of it. 

I hope you will follow me on my journey.  

Dr. Soaper


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