The Euromist Sprayer.  A must have for Bath Oils.

The Euromist Sprayer. A must have for Bath Oils.

I sell a bath oil that I have used for some time and I love it

The only problem with the bath oil is the sprayer. The oil comes out as a sharp single line. Not my favorite, but really it worked okay for a body oil.  But recently I had formulated a hair styling spray and the "soaker gun" approach was not going to work for that.  

The Quest for the Right Sprayer

I researched online but found no indication of the right sprayer type. Regular standard sprayers worked well for water but clogged when spraying viscous products like body oil or hair styling spray. Many sprayers are advertised as versatile and able to spray a variety of liquids.  My experience.....this is not the case.  Almost any sprayer will spray, but if you want an even light mist, be ready to be disappointed. 

I ended up buying about a dozen different styles of sprayers, spending weeks and a fair amount of money in the process. Not everyone wants to sell you 1 spray pump.  It was frustrating that finding a suitable sprayer for oil or viscous products was so challenging.  I certainly was not the first needing such an item. 

Introducing the Euromist sprayer

Finally, I discovered the euromist sprayer. These sprayers are specifically designed to handle more viscous products with ease. Their appearance may seem minimally different from the standard sprayer, but they work wonders.  A fine spray mist comes out every time. They are made by the APTAR company, but I bought mine from Berlin Packaging where I could buy smaller amounts.  

Having access to this well-kept secret in the beauty industry has been a game-changer. Hooray for finding the perfect sprayer for my products! Now on to the next challenge.  

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