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Simply Soap Bath Truffle

Simply Soap Bath Truffle

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The "Soak in Warm Water" Simply Soap Bath Truffle is amazing. Although you might think it is similar to a bath bomb, it is SO MUCH MORE! It will dissolve under running water and not only cause your water to be unbelievably silky, it will produce bubbles in your bath. What could be more fun that that? The truffle contains both cocoa and shea butters along with Himalayan salt. The smell is soothing with eucalyptus and lavender. It is also formulated to NOT stain your tub, NOT cause a bathtub ring and does NOT have non melting botanicals/flowers etc. that can clog your drain. Bathing should be relaxing and not cause you more work when you're done. You will want to stay in your tub for hours. 1 truffle is generally all you need, unless you have a really huge tub, where you might want 2.

PS: my daughter wanted me to tell you that as a physician I am always recommending to patients to soak in a warm tub for a variety of reasons (anxiety, insomnia, low back pain, false labor, hemorrhoids). I do think it's a great idea medically speaking, but it is also unbeatable for just general relaxation and that spa moment we all deserve.

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