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Bath Gift Box

Bath Gift Box

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Ready to go gift boxes that are inexpensive but beautiful and would make anyone smile. Great idea for a Bridal Shower, Mother's Day, Grandmothers Day, Birthday, Teacher's appreciation gift, Christmas, Housewarming, Co-worker gift, or just a general Thank You. To make things even easier, I can direct mail this to your lucky recipient and include a gift card for you. See personalization area.

Choices include:
4 assorted goat milk soaps
2 assorted goat milk soap and 100% cotton Soap Saver Bag
2 assorted goat milk soap and concrete soap dish

Goat Milk Soap: All soaps are made by me, "Dr. Soaper", an OB GYN physician that has been making cold process soap since 2009. I also personally use every product I make. Each item is named with a medical saying you might recognize. All soaps are AMPLE in size, normal rectangular shape, with a wonderful scent and amazing lather. Some may contain natural coloring (when coloring is used). I call it Simply Soap. All ingredients are vegetable based. Having been allergic to many store bought soaps in the past, I can attest to the hypoallergenic nature of these soaps. There are no additives or preservatives used.

Soap Saver Bag: This soap saver bag is 100% cotton which I hand crocheted. The color works in any bathroom. It is reusable and washable. Feels like a nice soft washcloth on your skin. Helps the soap to bubble up even more than it does on it's own. Great for putting in small scraps of soap so they are still usable. When you're done, squeeze the water out then leave the soap in the bag so both the bag and the soap dry out well. Soap not left in standing water lasts longer!

Concrete Soap Dish: Again handmade by me. It is coated with stone sealer to prevent absorption of water and discoloration. (The first ones I made without sealer looked terrible as soon as they got wet.) I have put plastic feet on the bottom so this is no chance this will scratch your counter. I love the look. It works in any decor.

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