Making Zero Waste Foaming Hand Wash Tabs

Making Zero Waste Foaming Hand Wash Tabs

So is it easy to make new products?......not usually. 

Developing any new formulation is always a challenge and requires time and dedication.  It has probably been 1 year and multiple trials to create my FOAMING HAND WASH TABS. The goal was to make solid "soap" tabs that would not require the plastic bottles that most liquid soaps use and as a bonus would require less space to store. In addition they needed to be no more expensive than typical hand soap.  These tiny tabs would dissolve in water and make a large volume of liquid "soap".

Off the top,  I knew it could not be actual soap.  Soap implies something made with lye and fat.  That's how you make soap bars.  You can't make that into something that dissolves in water.  So it needed to be surfactant based.  Surfactants are what laundry "soap" is made with.  Surfactants are excellent cleansers yet mild.  The real trick was to make them kind to the skin, dissolve completely, look great once dissolved and smell great. ........and a year goes by.  

How do solid tablets work?

These solid tablets are formulated with gentle surfactants and multiple emollients, making them highly effective in cleansing and leave your hands moisturized. When placed in hot water the tablet dissolves to make 8 oz of liquid hand wash.  Put this in a foaming dispenser and it produces a rich foaming lather, providing a thorough and satisfying hand washing experience. 

What are the benefits of using solid tablets?

Using solid tablets for hand washing offers numerous benefits. Firstly, they take up significantly less space compared to traditional liquid soap bottles. This makes them ideal for travel, camping, or any situation where space is limited. Additionally, the tablets eliminate the need for plastic packaging, reducing plastic waste and contributing to a more sustainable future. You can use a glass foaming pump (I happen to sell some) to be completely zero waste but even re-using a current plastic pump you already have,  would still be a tremendous improvement.  

So was the journey worth it?

Absolutely! I love this creation. I think everyone should be using them.  They make sense.  Being able to use these adorable multicolored, multi-scented tabs to create a waste free 8 oz  bottle of foaming soap makes me smile every time I wash my hands. This is a perfect example of why I love what I do.  

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