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SOLID Hair Conditioner - Oily or Thin Hair

SOLID Hair Conditioner - Oily or Thin Hair

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This newly formulated natural conditioner bar was made for those of you with either oily hair, or fine hair in mind. I love my Rosemary Lavender conditioner bar which I have sold for sometime, because it provides great coverage and softness to my very thick and coarse hair. But I do understand that not everyone has hair like mine and many need a light conditioner effect so as not to make their hair feel weighed down. Well this is for you. It rinses out completely but still leaves your hair feeling soft and amazing. It has the same moisturizing and detangling elements that my other conditioner provides.

This is a zero waste product. No plastic! It works great along with my solid shampoo for travel and has a wonderful coconut scent. Give it a try. I think you'll love it.

Instructions: rub over your very wet head after shampooing. Let it soak in and moisturize while you finish your shower, then rinse completely.

Latinx and Woman owned.

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